artist LOOX

Get inspired and buy the LOOX curated by some of Malaysia’s fav celebs!


Charming yet modern, these classic LOOX are space-shapers and crowd - pleasers.


Unconventional perhaps, but artistic and carefree. These LOOX are unique expressions of style.


LOOX that are neutral, natural and simple. Expect a lot of calming designs, patterns and motifs.


Balance, harmony and minimalism are the hallmarks of these LOOX. Serenity rules!

geometric & kidz

Take a seat and be - amazed by the smart combo of shapes and patterns in these LOOX.

modern contemporary

Modern now, and maybe a classic later. These LOOX are the styles that are currently trend-setting.


Raw, unfinished styles that are chic and on-trend evoking an unexpected urban-esque feel.

tropical nature

A purposeful mix of natural elements and exotic motifs to create an interior paradise.