Wallpaper vs Paint

Why Wallpaper Is Possibly a Better Choice Than Paint

Having such a wide variety of interior options can be overwhelming at times, especially when deciding between painting and wallpaper. Even though wallpaper may be considered by some as old fashioned and problem-prone; there are many reasons why it is an excellent option for decorating and can be more effective than paint. We’ve put together five reasons explaining why wallpaper is better choice than paint to make your decision a little easier. 

Durable And Easy to Clean

Unlike paint, Wallpaper is a durable material that won’t chip or scratch when you bump into it. It also doesn’t need much cleaning since you have to use water and soap with a sponge. 

Wallpaper can last up to 15 years, making it the easiest way to keep walls looking great. However, painted walls are difficult to maintain. They need constant repainting and repairing. They can leave streaks if you try washing them, the colour fades over time.

Various Designs and Textures

The sheer number of options in design and texture that wallpaper offers make it a superior choice to paint. A room can become more intriguing with a sense of character. Picking a wallpaper with an ‘offbeat’ design and texture will do the trick. These pieces give your room a rustic ambiance with their unique textures and look.

A wallpaper is better choice than paint as painted wall has only one texture – flat. Perhaps a few different sheens are possible to select to achieve a slightly different appearance if you’re an interior painting expert.

Easy Installation

It’s a popular myth that wallpapers are a hassle to remove. Some wallpaper applications and styles were challenging to install and remove in the old days, but today’s wallpaper is much easier to use. You can always change your mind or revamp your style by removing the sheets in full.

On the other hand, Applying and removing paint is a huge hassle. You have to manually scrape the top layer of paint off, which can be highly time-consuming

Visual Appeal

Having so many more aesthetic benefits than regular paint, wallpaper is better choice than paint. The wallpaper will add a timeless element of character and imagination to a space, no matter its purpose is to express your creative side or set the mood in your bedroom.

The design and texture of wallpaper add to the overall appeal of a room’s character, which the paint does not have. Vintage wallpaper is a perfect choice for someone seeking a “feature” vintage piece in the home. 

A paint can might not always contain the exact colour you selected for your room or home office because of what is mixed inside the can. In contrast, wallpaper rolls are exactly what they appear to be. 

Standout Features

Perhaps a custom mural would be the perfect wallpaper for your room if you haven’t found the perfect wallpaper. It doesn’t matter if you want to order an entirely new wallpaper image or get a previous one custom-sized for your walls; custom murals can add a lot of character to any room. You can choose from funky murals or funky patterns. 

You should consider wallpaper and murals if you’re a minimalist who wants to make a statement. Murals add an unexpected element to any room, adding something unique you can’t achieve with paint alone.

Yes, installing wallpaper does require more detailed wall prep for a long lasting, problem-free finish. But the aesthetic benefits are clearly leaps and bounds ahead of plain old paint, which is severely limited in design options – if any at all. 

Pick a style with our LOOX and see how we transform your space with properly installed, well-finished wallpaper, along with multiple flooring options.