The psychology of wall and floor design combo

Would you ever have thought that the combination of your wallpaper and floor covering can have a profound impact on your life? Yes, absolutely!
Choosing the right design factors can enhance your psychological quality of life and build up a positive perception. Since the environment around us influences our mood, productivity, and attitude, a well-designed environment can help create feelings of relaxation, peace, and harmony, enhancing positive energy and harmony in relationships.
How does interior design affect your life? Take a look at the four positive effects your house can have on you.

Making a Statement

Your home is part of your identity and your manifestation of desires – it reflects your values and your identity with tangible materials. Choosing the right combination for the wall and flooring helps expressing your individuality and give you a luxurious feeling. An indulgent hue, purple represents luxury, privilege, and exclusivity. Wallpaper in purple solids or patterns will go well with carpets or fancy rugs that cover the entire floor. Purple is an unusual colour in a home, making it an imposing statement.

Making the Environment Relaxing & Safe

We all love looking at beautiful homes, but what’s equally important is that they give us a feeling of safety and comfort as well. Our daily lives are often filled with stress and hectic routine We are nurtured and soothed by comforting spaces when we return home.
Among the warm colours, yellow is the only one associated with relaxation. As a symbol of creativity, innocence, and happiness, it symbolizes a happy life. Yellow wallpaper with laminate flooring is the best combination ever. Due to its nurturing properties, yellow is often used in kitchens, children’s rooms, and private areas. Yellows with a less saturated colour palette also work well with neutrals to create a relaxing environment so that you can opt for yellow patterned wallpapers too.

Enhancing Creativity & Productivity

Good interior design boosts productivity and creativity as well. The environment plays a central role in determining the way you think and behave. Changing your home decor can give you that extra boost you need if you are stuck in a slump or your creative flow is blocked.

The easiest way to begin is to mix SPC flooring with orange wallpaper. Due to orange’s vivid colour and energetic effects, it inspires excitement and enthusiasm. This facilitates the process of releasing all the emotions one needs to release. The colour orange is believed to increase creativity and productivity. It is also suitable for bathrooms and works well in lighter shades too.

Mood and Emotional Improvement

Lighting also affects your mood. To feel good and be less anxious, you should have as many windows as possible. Additionally, the suitable wallpaper and floor combination will do wonders. The calming qualities of blue are due to its colour coming from the sky, making it the perfect hue for relaxing and feeling calm. 

Blue has impressive effects on the space illusion of your room and helps room look bigger and open. With wallpaper in blue colour as a primary colour, vinyl tiles would be an excellent choice. If you choose light blue as the primary colour in the room, it would be better to balance out the warm tones. 

Get your mood on for spectacular interiors with wall and floor combos that spark conversations. Check out the many LOOX we offer, across varying themes and colour tones that can change the way you feel, and live!