Living Room Trends

The now design trends that are dominating living room

Living room design trends are the best source of inspiration for an upgrade. You can also update soft furnishings with the latest bold and brave looks using bouclé sofas and green wallpaper shades. With the latest living room design trends, there is something for everyone. Choose earthy colours and succulents for the calming, relaxing outdoor look, or blend various colored rugs and soft furnishings for a maximalist look. 

You get to express yourself and make the most of your space, so you can choose whatever you like. We have curated a guide to living room trends of 2021 based on the upcoming trends including a collection of elegant, individual elements with the most crucial emphasis on sustainability.

Checks And Stripes Together

The two patterns everyone loves combine for a fashionable new trend that mixes classic stripes and checks with fresh colours for the new season. Create the right balance of patterns by mixing and matching different scales. If the walls and bed are decorated with stripes and checks, delicately patterned cushions and eiderdown will soften the effect.

Modern Twist of Cottage Aesthetic

The cottage aesthetic is a crowd-pleaser, appealing to anyone looking for modern conveniences without giving up any character elements. In an antique house, such as one with original beams or floorboards, panelled walls, or exposed beams, it is appropriate to use the old and new together to achieve an aesthetically pleasing balance. You can achieve this look by using reclaimed wood – look for items with plenty of grain and texture and not the perfectly finished items.

Bring In Yellow and Grey

It’s not every year that Pantone announces two colours as their shades of the year. This year, Pantone announced Illuminating, a zingy yellow, and Ultimate Yellow, a pale grey. A touch of yellow can liven up a space and add tons of personality to a room decorated in subtle and neutral grey. Whether it is bedding or bedside accessories, combining grey and yellow will look stunning with dark wooden furniture in the bedroom. Wall art of dull gold will further enhance the ambiance. You can never go wrong with this living room design trend.

Go For Grounded, Earthy Shades

When it comes to living room trends of 2021, how can we forget nature colours? As our lives have become increasingly hectic and stressful, we seek ways to find peace and tranquillity within the noise. During this season, earthy, warm, and dusty colour stories can make us feel better. The combination of warm mustards, cognacs, dusky pinks, browns, greys, browns, golds, cream, and wood will create a sense of calm and well-being in our interior spaces. Ultimately, the theme of this look is all about balance and how we can feel nurtured and embraced by our personal spaces. 

Take Advantage of The Maximalism Trend

Decorate with your unique style to create your sense of identity. Maximalism is a significant trend in interior design these days. The inventive return of highly decorated and personal interiors is a welcome change after a decade of minimalism.Styled interiors are an opportunity for homeowners to tell stories while layering old and new. You’ll notice that dark colours like black and navy blue are popular wall colours when you search for maximalist inspiration. Maximalist design is characterized by gallery walls, the most prominent element. A variety of art can be displayed on an accent wall and still look trendy. 

Indeed there are many variations of living room stylings that you can go for to find the perfect space. If any of this is a bit too overwhelming, then check out our ready made LOOX for some inspiration and consult us on how you can create your dream living room